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Nano Studies 2017


C a l l   f o r   P a p e r s


Dear Colleagues!


This is to call for papers which will be published in 2017 issues (# 15 and # 16) of Nano Studies.


Nano Studies is a scientific journal biannually released in Georgia (Georgian Technical University). Nano Studies’ topics include, but not limited to the Nanoscience and related problems of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science, as well as Nanotechnology.


Nano Studies publish original research papers, reviews on the subject of actual scientific problems, science history pages, informations about recently held important scientific forumes, books’ reviews.


Nano Studies publishes papers in English and also in Georgian and Russian. Abstracts in English and Georgian of the published papers will be referred in future issues of the Georgian Abstracts Journal and will be accessible in the Tech Inform (Georgia’s Central Institute for Scientific and Technical Information) database:


Nano Studies is an open-access journal and simultaneously with print-version releasing abstracts and full-texts of published papers can be downloaded for free from its web-site: Thus, all the papers published in Nano Studies are free-accessible for reader anywhere in the World.


Please, submit your valuable papers!


A paper should be prepared electronically in Microsoft Word format: page size – A4, all margins – 2 cm, font faces – Sylfaen, font size – 12, spacing – 1, text – justified both to left and right margins.


There are no restrictions on the papers’ length: the latter is determined by the necessity to exhaust the problem under the consideration. Formation of Sections and Subsections within the text is at authors’ discretion. Article begins with title. Then should be listed authors’ initials and family names of all authors together with their affiliations and e-mail addresses (at least for the corresponding author). Text starts with an abstract not more than half-page in length.


References should be numbered in order of appearance in the text and enclosed in square brackets (like the [7]). At the end of the paper, it should be presented the numbered list of references, which should be described according to the following rules.


For the paper published in a periodical journal, it should be listed all authors (their initials and last names), journal’s conventional abbreviation, year, number of volume / issue and number of initial page / number of paper; for the paper included in a collection, it should be listed all authors (their initials and last names), title of the collection, editor(s) in parenthesis, year, city, publisher and number of initial page; for the book, it should be listed all authors (their initials and last names), title of the book, year, city and publisher. See examples:


1.       L. Chkhartishvili, I. Murusidze, M. Darchiashvili, O. Tsagareishvili, D. Gabunia. Solid State Sci., 2012, 14, 1673.
2        T. Pagava, L. Chkhartishvili. Radiat. Eff. Def. & Solids, 2009, 164, 639.
3.         G. Nabakhtiani, A. Gigineishvili, L. Chkhartishvili, Sh. DekanosidzeNano Studies, 2012, 6, 61.
4.        L. Chkhartishvili. J. Phys. CS, 2009, 176, 012013.
5.        T. Pagava, L. Chkhartishvili. Am. J. Mater. Sci., 2013, 3, 29.
6.         L. Chkhartishvili. In: Radiation Synthesis of Materials and Compounds (Eds. B. I. Kharisov, O. V. Kharissova, U. O. Méndez). 2013, Boca Raton: CRC Press – Taylor & Francis Group, 43.
7.         L. Chkhartishvili, T. Berberashvili, I. Murusidze. In: Physics, Chemistry and Applications of Nanostructures (Eds. V. E. Borisenko, S. V. Gaponenko, V. S. Gurin, C. H. Kam). 2011, Singapore: World Scientific, 126.
8.         L. Chkhartishvili. Quasi-Classical Theory of Substance Ground State. 2004, Tbilisi: Tech. Univ. Press.  

An abstract not more than half-page in length should be submitted together with the paper.


There are no page-charges for publication in Nano Studies. All of authors will receive e‑reprints of their papers in PDF format. Authors published in Nano Studies retain their copyrights.


Deadline for papers submission is October 1, 2017.


Electronic-versions of your valuable papers please send to:

Editor-in-Chief & Publisher: Full Prof. Levan Chkhartishvili


Executive Editor: Assoc. Prof. Tamara Berberashvili