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Double down in organizations: A study on the employee retention strategies with special reference to the IT industry

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Swati Yadav, Dr. Shikha Kapoor, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Gupta
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.072


Turnover of employees is one of the major challenges that companies worldwide face. An organization's employees are its most valuable assets, so losing them would be devastating. Employers are implementing effective retention strategies to retain their talent. As a result of high employee turnover, the sustainability and productivity of the organization will be compromised. The study examines the ways in which IT companies resources during a double-down situation in order to find out how effective the strategies are at retaining resources. Methods: The IT sector has been examined in this study. Retention Strategies in the Indian IT sector are examined to determine how they influence employee turnover. It was decided to conduct the study in retain Bangalore. Descriptive research was the research design used in this study. With the use of a questionnaire, the necessary data were collected from the employees of the IT companies in Bangalore from a sampling of 120 chosen on the basis of convenience sampling. Statistical tools were used to calculate the findings from the collected data. Results: In the study Sixty-eight percent of members are males whereas women are represented at a minimum level of 32%. The study found that rewards & recognition are positively correlated with retention. Conclusion: Retention is receiving more and more attention. Motivated workers find new methods of doing their jobs. They adhere to high standards. Productivity is higher with them. The successful adoption of new technologies requires motivated employees. It is possible to retain employees in several ways.

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