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Evaluation Of The Histopathological, Immunohistochemical, And Oxidative Neurotoxic Effects of Nanoaluminum Present In Human Vaccines In Newborn Albino Rats

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Abrar Roshdy Abouelkeir , Sherin salah Eldein Ghaleb, Olfat Gmail Shaker, Heba Abd ElMonem Ibrahim , Shimaa Ahmed Alsaeed, Asmaa Mohammad Moawad , Nevien Khairy Elkady
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.1.471


The increasing prevalence of autism spectrum disorder and Alzheimer's disease is associated with the amount of nanoaluminum in various national paediatric immunisation regimens. Objectives: The study aimed to evaluate the possible neurotoxic effects of nano aluminum used in human vaccines on newborn albino rats including histopathology, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and oxidative stress and to assess the prophylactic effect of nano curcumin in brain toxicity Methods: Injections of a “high” and “low” Al adjuvant levels were designed to correlate to either the U.S. or Scandinavian pediatric vaccine schedule in Group 1and 2 respectively vs. control saline-injected rats ( Group 5). Groups 3 and 4 have taken the same injection as groups 1 and 2 respectively plus nanocurcumin orally. Results: Elevation of MDA levels and decreased SOD levels in groups of rats treated with aluminium nanoparticles with increased apoptosis, as indicated by high levels of monoclonal antibody BAX, decreased levels of anti-apoptotic monoclonal antibody BcL-2, and a high BAX/Bcl2 ratio in rats receiving aluminium adjuvants. Increased inflammation of cells in brain tissue by an increased level of iNOS monoclonal antibodies. We found cut-off values for iNOS and Bax that can discriminate group 1 from group 5 and group 2 from group 5. Those values are 215, 216.5, 200 and 202, respectively, with sensitivity = 100% and specificity = 100%. Nanocurcumin can cause marked improvements in neurotoxicity, apoptosis, monoclonal antibodies, and oxidative stress caused by nano AL adjuvants. Conclusion: Nanoaluminum adjuvants can cause several side effects, which nanocurcumin can prevent.

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